A water tower that matters

A water tower in Bungoma county, Kenya

“I cannot even remember that anyone has come and helped us with such kind of infrastructures here”, said one of the farmers when the big water tower elements arrived at the dam, a large source of natural water in the middle of Bungoma county. “This water tower will help a lot our families to get a better drinking water quality and to avoid that we and our animals get sick.”

When I saw the dam the first time one year ago it was a place where men came and washed their motor cycles. People carried the same water home – for washing, but also watering. And often people got sick because of the water. A lot of waste was lying around and no one really cared so much about it although the water situation, especially drinking water, was difficult.

Also the water holes where the families take the drinking water from often are not safe. Animals come to drink water here, as well. Some of the water holes are even risky, especially for children and have no protection from falling in. Dangerous situations and a lot of bacteria – a situation that has to change.

The construction of the water tower

Construction works start

Once the material had arrived – carried on huge lorries – a lot of people came to watch how the construction work started. After building the base the tower itself was set up. Then the platform at the top was added. And with a lot of plumbing work the tower is now nearly finished.

Soon the water tanks and filtering systems will be added. In a few days, the construction will be finished and allow people to get a good drinking water quality for their homes. The awareness level of avoiding contamination and how to manage for a better water hygiene has grown enormously. Circa 1000 people will benefit from this tower and make sure that the water tower will help to change their lives.

There is still a lot to do. But a lot of awareness training sessions have started. The farmers have started huge kitchen garden projects and re-afforestation, too. Step by step even the water holes will be repaired.

Changes also in sustainable farming practices are started

“Near by another big dam at the other end of the ward we are setting up a center of excellence in agriculture and production….,“ says our local NGO partner Cleophas. “There is still a lot to do to preserve our nature…“

Big thanks to all who helped to make this important change happen!

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