It’s today where we can make a change in children’s life!

Bricks for the boys‘ washroom have arrived

Based on the donations of a few colleagues and friends we could support a children home in Bungoma, Western Kenya. There live sixty boys and girls. Recently, we could help with some additional beds as most of the children still had to sleep on the ground without any mats.

This time, we have financed bricks and cement as the boys had no wash room so far. With the donations it will be possible to build a small wash room now. In addition, the children needed food: beans, oil, maiz.

“We have bought the following items:

1. Foodstuffs
(a) 5bags of maize @Kshs 4000 Total-20,000
(b)1 bag of beans @Kshs 8000

2.Building the ablution block for boys.
(a) 10 bags of cement @1000/-=Kshs 10,000
(b)1000 bricks @8/- =Kshs 8000”, says Baba Bishop and has sent all the photos.

Baba Bishop (left) is happy about the food for the children

There is still a lot to do: there are not enough educational materials, not enough chairs at school, not enough boards, no toys. Nutrition is still very limited and every health check for the children and doctor visit is a huge challenge. Basics as tanks, a decent kitchen set up and bed sheets are missing.

Baba Bishop runs this children home together with his wife. Baba Bishop is an ex catholic priest who decided to marry some years ago while still remaining (in his understanding) a Catholic priest – although not recognized any more as such by the official church. However, the community still supports and recognized him as their caring bishop.

Boys‘ bed- and living room

If you can help, please donate to

Read here more about the children home.

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