Life saving drinking water & hygiene – Training sessions for more than 6000 farmers and families

After being trained by our Social entrepreneurial partner Helioz our three local social workers, Chris, Cleo and Pauline have started a bundle of trainings of drinking water disinfection with our communities in Webuye, Western Kenya.

The quality of drinking water is a huge issue in our project area. The way on how water is taken from the water holes and springs, how it is conserved and how it is used leads to bacteria levels which often cause diseases and are life threatening, esp. also for children.

But also for animals, the main income source for many people, a bad water quality is a huge risk.

That’s why we started in June a water & hygiene program.

The training takes places with our farmer cooperatives, at GAASP ( here for our families and people with albinism and elderly) and our communities around the new school we have started to build, the Making More Health school St. Kibisi.

They teach about hygiene in general, the importance of keeping water in a safe environment and about the practical application of the WADI ( water disinfection) device that helps in a very simple and nearly cost-free, but powerful way to reduce bacteria.

This program will support more than 6000 people to get access to a much better and healthier water quality this creating much better health prevention.

What is the WADI?

Helioz, a social enterprise from Austria has developed the WADI (WAter DIsinfection) device , a simple solution for treating drinking water – through UV radiation. Their product WADI is a solar-powered UV measurement device that visualizes the process of solar water disinfection (SODIS) in PET bottles. It measures UV-A and UV-B radiation and shows when sufficient disinfection of coliform bacteria and germs has taken place. The WADI is usable wherever there is enough sunlight and does not require an external power source. It also contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions, since water no longer needs to be boiled using firewood or gas.

You want to know more about this project and the WADI? Feel free to contact. We look also for partners who want to help us to make more health happen.

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