Linking up social enterprises and NGO partners to help girls to stay at school

In the past years the situation of needy communities has changed for the worse: also in Western Kenya, in the rural communities where we are active with our Making More Health initiative, the level of poverty grows, mental health issues have increased due to lockdowns and a general loss of hope has hit the population.

In addition, raising prices due to the Ukraine crises have impacted everyone, also young adolescent girls. The consequences are various: girls drop out of schools, become mothers at a very early stage and have lost hope that their life might differ from how they have grown up in poverty.

The social enterprise Zana Africa and our local NGO partner Core Health & Wealth work together to solve some of the main critical issues

There are many reasons why the number of girls dropping out of school is growing rapidly. One is for sure the inability to handle menstruation hygiene.

“We ordered sanitary towels from the social enterprise ZanaAfrica to complement our support for vulnerable young women and adolescent girls. We will work with schools to support vulnerable girls so that no girl misses school because of her periods. We look forward for long term strategic partnership with ZanaAfrica and other like minded organisations to provide the needed support to the community,” explains our local NGO partner who cares for farmer families in Bungoma county.”

Zana Africa is able to offer the sanitary pads for a much better price than in the shops. Zana Africa is one of our social enterprises in our Making More Health network.

Besides very concrete and needed actions also training sessions on pregnancy and women health will take place.

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