With employee donations our third MMH center starts to “live”

How our Making More Health center in Kenya developed so far

We have opened our first Making More Health center in Webuye in 2020 to support people with albinism and elderly in Western Kenya and the second center in 2021 in Eldoret to support women and families in Langas slums. In both centers a lot of training sessions, social and cultural get together and networking with partners from Nairobi, Homabay and Njeri takes place.

In addition, important activities have been developed in the past two years also with 12 farmer cooperatives in Bungoma county. Now in the middle of the cooperatives at Mbakalo ward a big dream starts to become a reality, too:

The third center, driven by our local NGO partner Core Health and Wealth, starts to become “tangible” – a very important step for our farmer community in Mbakalo ward.

After the acquisition of the land in Mbakalo ward/Bungoma county at the beginning of 2022, we have focused in the past months on solving water issues for the farmer families and to push further the income generation for women, the setting up of many kitchen gardens, nurseries and parent and early childhood development training sessions . The constructions should start in 2023 only. But now first buildings could be set up. This has been made possible through employee donations and the great engagement of the local farmers and family members in our community.

“…,the last piece of land we acquired had a house and a wooden store structure…We used the donation to renovate the house and put up a working hall that can be used by the women since they did not have a working place after the Cooperative store was under renovation. Once we establish the main MMH centre next year, this can be a guest house to help host visitors who would like to work in the community…,” explains Cleophas, our local NGO partner from Core Health and Wealth.

“Our cooperative members helped to repair and renovate the wooden structure into a hall so that it can be used for training and working. We renovated that other house also…where we use to do a lot of our meetings. It is now our base as CHW for the time being before we move to our main MMH centre…this is how we used the donation…it’s simply great to get this support from your employees,too. Many thanks!!!”

In the meanwhile the women have continued all dying, weaving and bead work in the new set up… isn’t that great?

Dying and weaving – a place where this can happen now

Thanks also from our MMH team to all our colleagues who have made this happen!

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  1. okay munene says:

    Wow . So great. Well done work.


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