Where business meets social: Welcome to our MMH guesthouses – feel good, do good!

The MMH guest houses in Webuye, Kenya

What if your next (global) meeting

  • creates a lot of win wins for your employees and company?
  • makes in parallel a difference in society?
  • Will be a safe place with African flair and for sure an unforgettable event?
  • helps people living at the poverty line in a very simple, concrete way?
  • Offers possibilities to e.g run a training for the community and involve your leaders directly?
  • Offers opportunities for “field visits“ – innovative water projects, schools, textile industry, farming, health facilities, slum visits…?
  • Transfers from the airport in Eldoret etc are available on request

Recently, we have inaugurated the MMH guesthouses in Webuye, Westkenya – in the middle of traditional villages and African rural life. The guesthouses are a few steps away from our MMH center where – together with our local NGO partner GAASPP – we run a lot of training sessions for farmers, women, children and – in addition – with a focus support for marginalized people.

Why guest houses?

The MMH guesthouses generate income for the families around and help our NGO partner to become independent financially thus ensuring much more sustainability and long- term impact. Furthermore, some farmers and people with albinism reach from far away ( up to 300 km) and participate in our training sessions. They need a place where to stay.

A rock garden for special meetings and events, a great cooking team with international dishes, and much more to be discovered…

In October 2022, we have run here our two global MMH leadership weeks with ca 20 participants in each week. The MMH guesthouses are a perfect place for local, national and global meetings. With all the basics in place this is a perfect location to experience what need based acting, holistic impact making and sustainability could mean in practice.

Groups from other organizations/ companies and individual guests are welcome!

If you are interested you can come and stay here, too. Individual and group booking and flexible program arrangements onsite are possible.

Or you simple join our innovative, social entrepreneurial “Innovkenya week”, in Autumn 2023 – a week mainly for people who want to invest in sustainable activities and to learn more about Kenya before they decide where and how to start. Experience first what is possible!

“It was really exciting. An adventure? For sure. But even much more – a life changing moment. This place is a real authentic place. Safe, clean and full of eye opening and emotional moments. A place to understand what impact means, to understand how co-creation and an ecosystem of change can work. It’s a fantastic place to interact with locals. But also very natural, too. Great rooms, African vibes and good places to meet. It’s a place not just to learn and network, but mainly to bond with locals and, also to bond with my colleagues who came from different parts of the world…,” stated one of the participants of the global MMH leadership program.

The local deputy governor came for a visit and plans a next meeting at our place. The first guests from Nigeria have arrived right after our departure. Maybe you are one of the next?

If you are interested in more details, please contact. Here some video impressions from the inauguration which was also published in Western Kenya TV.

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