Miguel Neiva, MMH fellow, joined our Insights week for managers in Kenya & shares about the win- win

Miguel Neiva is one of our Making More Health fellows. His own social enterprise, ColorAdd, is very successful and helps people with colorblindness.

He trained also some of our communities on the effect of colorblindness and shared his successful business model. The awareness level among our local teachers about this topic was not there. Now, they will share in many other locations about this topic.

Our local community members and teachers in our project areas in Kenya experienced what colorblindness means

We invited him 2016 to join our leadership week with managers in India. In 2022, he joined us during our a Insights week in Kenya, as well.

Here you can listen what he things about our activities in Kenya and what he takes away for himself.

Listen to the interview

Miguel Neiva, MMH fellow at our Insights week in Kenya

Are you interested to have a similar experience? We offer similar week experiences also to externals. Please contact.

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