Impact is not about measuring activities and projects, but what vulnerable communities make really out of it

Two years ago, Addis has started to come regularly to the Making More Health GAASPP center in Webuye, Kenya. This center offers a lot of skill training sessions around (animal) health and hygiene, but also basic digital and business skills. It’s a place where people learn, exchange, consult, produce and also enjoy staying together.

Addis is the mother of a child with albinism and therefore she was one of the marginalized single mothers living under the poverty line in East Africa. Often she did not know how to survive the next day. But her life has changed. Just listen to the video interview

There is hope

Besides all the small and big changes in the houses, the better nutrition and hygiene status and the income generating activities also the mental well-being has changed. “There is hope back in my life. And I can do something to make change happen – for me and my family, but also for my neighbors“, says Wycliffe … and proudly presents to our international managers during the MMH leadership week how he helps other community members to learn more about hygiene, better farming practices and housing. “It’s others now coming and asking me for consultation and support – it’s no longer about avoiding people and hiding myself.”

Some of our community members are trainers now and have presented about their activities during our leadership week

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