Our colleagues train communities in Webuye, Kenya, about unconscious bias and an unusual visit

More than 15 participants (colleagues from all over the world and also two Ashoka and MMH fellows) have participated in the first of two Making More Health Insights weeks in Webuye, Kenya.

As a part of the experience that included many field visits to learn more about our programs with parents, farmers and teachers, marginalized people, students and children, interactions and reflections …, they had also to prepare and do a training on unconscious bias for our local communities. We invited local NGO leaders, school teachers and also our Making More Health volunteers from the communities to join us for this training at the Making More Health center.

Intense workshop sessions in groups on unconscious bias

Our colleagues had developed a 1,5 hrs training for more than 30 participants who joined this training.

Raising awareness on unconscious bias

Even the deputy Governor from Bungoma county visited our Making More Health center and had a short interaction with our colleagues during the training session.

She welcomed our Making More Health activities and was also very impressed by the holistic and very sustainable way how this center interacts with communities.

H.E. PST. Janepher C. Mbatiany, deputy governor (at the left) visited our Making More Health center and visited also our training sessions. From the right to the left: our local NGO partner Chrisantus Ongulo (GAASPP), a participant in our unconscious bias training and Manuela Pastore, global lead MMH community activation, Boehringer Ingelheim

So, what is the outcome?

Listen to what Dorothy from USA and Marcia from Brazil experienced:

Video – our colleagues share their experiences about the training.

Later, in the afternoon when our leaders had left as the Making More Heißt Insights week had ended, I met with some of our Making More Health community members. I asked them about the outcome of the training.

“I was not aware that I had so many unconscious bias. I have never thought about it. But I will definitely integrate it into my training sessions when I teach to my community members,” one of the participants told me.

If you want to listen more what they said, just listen here.

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