When farmers form a choir it means a big step forward

Farmers involved in our MMH programs have formed their own chorus – we are so proud of them!

This week – during our Making More Health Insights Week in Kenya – we visited also the Farmer cooperative Kibstar in Mbakalo ward, one of the cooperatives where we run – together with our local partner NGO Core Health & Wealth – a lot of programs and activities. Water purification and access support through an innovative water tower and filtering system, a lot of farming training sessions, including

even innovative models such as black soldier flies breeding and Artemisia planting, nurseries, a parent club and basic business, health, hygiene and digital skill sessions. And income generating activities that help farmer women to have an additional income for the families.

Some impressions from our farmers activities in Mbakalo ward, Kenya, Bungoma county

All these activities together and the influence of the network among several partners and locations in our system changer network Kenya has led to a very tangible and measurable impact on the farmer communities.

Culture can grow when the basic needs are tackled

The farmers have started to meet regularly during the week to share ideas and to learn from each other. The community spirit has a lot of positive consequences:

One of these consequences is the Kibstar chorus of our cooperative. It has just started three weeks ago. But listen and see how they already perform and how much passion and hope they spread: Listen to one of our farmers’ song.

I have interviewed also the chorus leader and I have learned a lot about passion, visions, engagement – and most of all – about a young man, farmer himself, who makes a huge difference happen for his own people. It is really worth to listen to this interview with the choir leader:

My vision?

I would love to see our farmer choir one day in my country singing for and with our people. Simply because they are not only very talented and good singers, but also ambassadors for hope that this world can change for better!

Want to listen to a more songs?

Song 2 – a very famous one 😉

Song 3

Just in case you see a possibility for an international exchange for this choir, let me know!

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