Because even in bad environments beauty makes a difference…

“Last Saturday we joined a community self help group that we have mentored as Vicco organization in environmental and slum beautification activities. People in the slums like to have a more beautiful environment, too. It’s not just because of living in the slums that it does not matter. With the support from Making More Health we could purchase some materials to make slums a better and healthier place for all…,” shares Shakur who leads the organization VICCO in Mukuru slums in Nairobi.

This also involves the opening of the blocked tranches to reduce communicable infections in the children below 5years. The tranches are full of waste and water that can not flow.

“It affects badly all people in the slums, but in particular our young children as they play in those tranches…,“ says Shakur.

And also urban gardening teaching and positive wall paintings are continuously done with the communities. It makes a difference in people’s life. It gives hope, spreads more optimistic views and changes behaviors. Even for the young generations.

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