The MMH teens club, cakes and joy

Learning on how to bake and cook – in our MMH teens club

The MMH Teens club

The MMH teens club in Mukuru slums, Nairobi, is a regular meeting point for teens who live in the area where our partner organization VICCO is active and runs a lot of different activities in projects, especially with women, but also youth. Young people from the age of 13 – 16 years gather at the library every Saturday and Sunday as well as during school holidays. They meet to share experiences, discuss, play, do arts and urban farming and learn on health matters. They are members in the MMH teens club.

“Recently, we had some cooking classes to help them keep busy. In one of them they have learned on how to make a cake. These cooking and baking activities aim to raise their abilities, but also self confidence. They see that they can do something, they like it. It helps with their mental health and with gaining full engagement…”, explains Shakur, leader of VICCO.

Doesn’t it look good?

With the support of Making More Health the needed tools and materials could be bought.

Teacher Catherine volunteers with the girls and boys

Their teacher is called Catherine. She has done catering for a long time and got a lot of experiencing in cooking and baking. In addition to her actual work as a receptionist she volunteers with us. She likes to give back and she likes to teach the MMH kids cooking. She tells them as well a lot about proper food handling for more health.

Enjoying a self-made cake

A very special highlight after all the work is the moment where the young people taste their self- made products. With the basic food and limited access to specific food cakes are very much welcome!

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    Bless you for amazing work

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