“Walls of good feelings” and more updates from our partner VICCO in Mukuru Slums, Nairobi

Mosaic painting in Mukuru slums

Some months have past since I have reported about the ongoing activities in Mukuru Slums, Nairobi. What has happened at VICCO, one of our partner organizations?

A women and children shelter

Well, first of all a women and children shelter could be set up. It helps women to leave their young children when they go for work at a safe place. In addition, there are now also a few options that women can get some shelter if they have issues with violence at home and don’t know where to go.

Basic furniture and some toys for the children and women shelter

The daycare helps young mothers to be able to attend casual jobs to feed their families and buy soaps and water to maintain hygiene of there children.

Huge progress in urban farming

VICCO was able to transfer its urban farming activities from the very dirt river site within the slum to a clean space. A simple, but effective rain water harvesting system as well as a water irrigation system was set up. With little money, but with a lot of passion, creativity and willingness of the team a new garden is now there.

“By recycling and making our environment clean we have managed to plant healthy food like spinach, mallow, cowpeas, spiderplant and other indigenous plants. We do mulching for the newly prepared seedbeds and – yes, we are very passionate about farming,” explains Shakur with a big smile in his face, our local partner from VICCO. “

Water has been a a challenge and I am happy that now we have a tank and a piped water that means we will increase food production and we will sell and feed 30 families every after 2days with healthy veggies. We will use and recycle plastic and tyres to be used as container garden. This is a huge step and enables the community to be self reliable on food security.”

MMH children clubs

Shakur has implemented also a MMH children club. Actually, 22 children learn about urban farming and meet regularly.

Regular meetings to study

…and dreaming of a better world

Besides all those activities there is also space for dreaming of a better world. The mosaic arts attract a lot of attention and many people come and help to get these “walls of good feelings”!

And isn’t it dreams and visions that often has empowered people to take action?

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