When children teach parents about urban farming

In Mukuru Slums children of poor families come regularly to a children shelter that one of our local partners has set up. There they get a cup of porridge, can do some studies, relax and stay together. Here they learn also a lot about hygiene and health.

Some of the children engage also in the MMH kids club.

These children from the MMH kids club have helped actively in planting vegetables. While mixing the manure with the soil and learning about seeds and how to plant them they have contributed in the local urban farming project.

Now it’s there time to harvest.

One of the kids will take the fresh veggies back to his family which consists of 8 people, a father, a mother and 5 siblings. “Today,” says Shakhur, founder from VICCO, who leads the kids club and is responsible for the urban farming project, too ,”in the family they will save money because of the veggies brought by the children. The children are educating families. They are the best change agents. We have noticed that many parents starts to plant and harvest in small containers, bags etc. once they have learned how to do from the children… Tomorrow we will feed another 5 families. With spinach and cow pees.”

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