Urban farming tours to spread the knowledge in the slums

In the slums in Nairobi nutrient food has always been an issue. But in the past weeks the situation has worsened a lot. The more the activities on urban farming – which has been initiated two years ago by Shakur, leader of VICCO, – become more important and attract the attention of many people living at the poverty line in the slums.

Im the past months the small piece of land where the farming had started could be transferred – from a very bad area close to a river which also was full of waste and dirt to a piece of land – still inside the slum area, but with much better conditions.

A lot of people are interested to learn how to do it. That’s why VICCO’s team offers regular opportunities to learn about urban farming. About plants and how to care about them, about possible places where to grow them and about watering needs. They take the experiences and learnings back to their homes and find small places where they start their own activities.

“We have managed to install a pipe that will bring water to our garden. Water has been a a challenge while doing our urban farming activities. I am happy that now we have a tank and a piped water access. This means we will increase food production and we will sell and feed 30 families every after 2days with healthy veggies. We will use and recycle plastic and tyres to be used as container garden. Thanks for the help. You are making it happen which is enabling community to be self reliable on food security,” has shared Shakur, leader of V.I.C.C.O, an NGO in Nairobi’s Mukuru slums.

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