A parents center in the slums – more care and health for children and mothers…

Exercising on how to keep the balance and a lot of fun!

It’s the second parents club which has been added within a few months to our Making More Health activities and centers in Western Kenya. This was possible through the very active and appassionate support of one of our social entrepreneurs in our network and MMH fellow Eszter Harsyani. She and her team have come several times in the past months to our project area and centers and have started to work with the parents and children in our communities.

During my last visit I had an interview with one of our main local NGO partners here in Langas slums in ELDORET, where we have inaugurated our second MMH center only a few months ago. I asked here about the impact and the parents club that has been launched very recently.

Elizabeth, leading the MMH SOLASA house, explains what the parents house means to the mothers in the slum

Listen and see in this video what is happening!

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