Training on Clean Water Initiative at Webuye started

The clean water initiative that we have launched a few days back has now been rolled out to our farmers and people with albinism community in Webuye.

A first training session in the Making More Health house at GAASP

Impressions from the first training

In our Making More Health house some of our future Community trainers (volunteers from the communities itself) learn about the usage of the WADI device to train then in the field families, neighbors and friends on how they can produce easily drinking water that is highly bacteria reduced.

How this works and more you can read here.

It will be a series of trainings to come, not just about the usage of the device, but also about how to store water in a healthier way, about hygiene and the importance for health, about income generation opportunities…

In the next three months more than 6000 families will benefit from it. More information will follow.

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