Masks and beans for the poor – difficult situation in the slums

Distribution of masks and food in the slums

In Mukuru slums , Nairobi, the situation is really bad.

“Children are at the verge of dying due to hunger. Three children died in the neighborhood,” says Francis, our local partner and social entrepreneur who in the past weeks had already organized a lot of soap making and mask production as part of our Making More Health activities.

The exercise continues.

Food needed!!!

“Today, we also added cooked food to the children, dry food for women and clothes. I mobilized friends and we cooked some rice and beans. We have served about 100 most needy kids and we hope to continue reaching out,” Francis explains.

“We have been receiving numerous requests for food from people in the community. Through some local friends and partners, we have been receiving some plates of ready made food mostly once in a week or two for about 500 people. And we continue to do our best to mobilize for more.

Francis runs a lot of activities with young adolescents living in the slum. Normally, they meet and do theater plays on important topics, such as health and hygiene and learn about filming and good communications. Skills that will help them to find some small income. With Covid 19 now the focus is much more on soap and mask production: “I am happy that the whole community is very exited with the task. You’ll hardly walk past 10 people before counting 3 of these masks,” Francis adds.

However, more support is urgently needed:

“I am glad that all is going on so well with regards to Soap and Mask distribution, we are on the final stage where only 100 litre of soap is remaining in the office and 220 pieces of masks. Those we are locating especially to the elderly who have not benefited as well as to children.”

There is a lot of coughing people around…

It is very expensive to pay for a test. Worst is when you test positive, the hospitals are very expensive. Many people can’t afford.

Francis is afraid of the situation in the slum. There is a positive patient not far from where He stays. He has a wife and children in the same room. Its only time that will tell of the outcome…”

With 1 EUR you give food to one person a day

If you want to help click here or at

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