“Rural is cool!” – Tony, one of our Making More Health fellows, about a special week with our colleagues in Kenya

Tony and myself at our MMH guesthouses in Webuye, Westkenya

Tony Joy is a social entrepreneur and MMH fellow from Nigeria where she runs a very interesting and disruptive social enterprise, called Durian. It is important to her to create an environment to women and the rural youth that they do not migrate to the cities. She creates sustainable and green solutions – in a very creative way.

During a visit at the MMH school in Webuye Tony immediately connected with the students. They had a lot of fun and energy…

“Rural is cool“, she states and smiles

During the Making More Health Insights week in Western Kenya she has joined our group of international managers and visited the various programs and activities we run under the initiative Making More Health. She has interacted also with our local partners and the communities.

Here is what she shares about this week.

In this interview Tony shares about the experiences she had during the MMH Insights week

Video interview

Tony had also some fantastic ideas for our Making More Health center. She creates arts and eradicates poverty with recycled trash. And she is indeed an advocate for rural life. “The migration to the cities in many African countries is the consequence of miserable life in the rural set ups. People are desperate, they don’t see any chance where they are. But life in the cities is even worse for most of the migrants. And for the whole globe. We need to work on the opportunities in the rural areas, there is so much that can be done and share good opportunities to people there.“

I’m sure we will meet again. Soon. To bring all her great ideas into our system changer network in Kenya, too. Thanks, Tony!!!

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