Step by step creating a better life – additional income sources for our farmer men and women

Training for our community to produce fabric (shawls) etc

September 2022:

The farmer men and women in the kibisi cooperative in West Kenya have started two years ago to learn about various income generating activities, such as dying, carpet making, tailoring. These activities are executed in addition to the field work. The outcome of the farming is not sufficient. This has many reasons: too small land pieces, low market prices, missing mobility and storage places. That’s why in the cooperative especially small holder farmer families – under the umbrella of the Making More Health Initiative – invest in addition in other activities while learning in parallel about better farming practices. Step by step the life conditions become better and more stable.

That’s how the training works

“It takes about 3 months to be proficient…But so far, the trainees have taken 3 weeks and have more time to practice. We have enrolled 30 people, 6 young men and 24 women. They come in shifts…to accommodate them on the looms,” explains our local NGO partner Cleophas from Core Health & Wealth.

Mats, another product by our farmer group

Bags for the upcoming Making More Health conference

The tailoring skills have been optimized and the products look really professional. The upcoming Making More Health Together conference and the two international leadership weeks are good opportunities where also we from the Making More Health Team are happy to order some special products. A win for everyone: the farmers who can sell, us who have very specific giveaways and our guests and Leadership week participants.

A professional bag pack with an African touch

If you are interested in those bag packs, let us know. It’s not just a nice product, but also a way to invest sustainably and fair in people who through these training sessions and production can step away from the poverty line.

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  1. Guadalupe Borsa says:

    Really inspiring news 🙂
    I really would like to have one of those backpacks 😉


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