When a 1/3 box contains your belongings – visit at an orphanage and boarding school in Bungoma, Kenya

During a church visit close to Bungoma town where also some of our children with albinism belong to I have met Baba Bishop and Mama Bishop who lead and founded the ecumenical Catholic Church in Kenya. Not officially recognized as such from the official Roman church, but Baba and Mama Bishop still feel part of it and do service to their communities in the Christian spirit.

Baba Bishop has been a Catholic priest and has always cared a lot about the service for communities. When he met his future wife he decided to marry her. He had to leave and founded the ecumenical church in Kenya. More than 50 priests followed his example. Besides the community service Baba and Mama Bishop do every day and the church they have built with the help of their communities, they have set up an orphanage and a boarding school. More than 60 children, boys and girls, have found a home here. Besides the children living here more than 240 children come to school every day.

The situation is not easy

The situation in the orphanage

There are two dormitories, one for girls, one for boys, but with a few beds only. Some children sleep together in one bed. Others need do sleep on the ground. There is no wash room for the boys, no privacy area. They can take a shower only outside when others sleep. The kitchen construction is very basic and is partly broken. The Bishop manages to feed the children and to provide them with the basics only – and also this gets sometimes very hard. There is a big need for everything: school materials, clothes, payments for the teachers and the cook. Often also food is very limited.

The children have all their belongings in a blu box. A box which they share in three: a few working books, a few clothes. That’s it. There are no toys, not even a ball or a puppet. These are children who have been left by their parents “in front of the church” or who have been living alone on the streets.

The school building is a robust one. With four classrooms, but also get there are not enough chairs and tables. The learning materials including chalk are missing. There are some volunteer teachers who cannot be paid. They get some little money from the Sunday collection at the church.

Poor classrooms, no access to basic materials

Urgent request for help

To support these children the whole center needs to be reconstructed. However, with 25000 EUR the dormitories and hygiene facilities could be set up. This would allow the children at least to have a better sleep and some more dignity.

If you can help, even if it is some donation to buy chalk or food it would be more than welcome. Please contact for more information. Or donate via PayPal:


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