The marathon kuku or how to make your life a better one with chicken

Feeding time

People living at the poverty line are very happy when they can own a few chicken. That’s true I’m many countries and also here in Kenya. Having chicken – here they are called kuku- means having eggs and growing chicken means also having some small income.

When I come for visit in the families often they give me some eggs as a gift. Which means a lot. Two times it also happened that they gave me a chicken. This is a really huge honor!

The eggs are excellent and the kuku are very tasty, too – especially here in the rural areas. I had never eaten such eggs before. The chicken here live a very nice, natural life and often they have a lot of space and just walk around in large fields in the middle of banana trees and open fields. No factories or laying battery.

When I visited a farmer I had a nice surprise. But discover yourself:

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