How the MMH house impacts the people with albinism – the local governmental administrator explains. Kenya, 2021.

Today, the local governmental administrator visited the Making More Health house in Webuye, Western Kenya. He has visited the house since the constructions in 2019 and has observed many changes in the community of people living with albinism.

Listen to what he explains – video

The local administrator

However, there is still a lot to in the house itself. The first shops – a small supermarket, agrovet store, beauty center -, a nice flower garden and some animal farming as well a production center including a joinery, soap and disinfectant production as well as Artemisia planting have been added. Bead making and tailoring create some additional income to the people, as well. New income generation activities are under development.

In the past days during my visit we have added among other materials e.g. cabinets in the kitchen and kitchen utensils as well as food storages, a chimney to avoid that the smoke stucks in the room, a safety gate that will be produced so that children can not enter easily the fire place.

Completing our MMH house

The MMH house is becoming a center of excellence.

Many thanks go also to our local NGO partner GAASPP and to the support of the authorities!

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