Sometimes a small innovation brings big change – farming with passion

After the harvesting period the farmer women in our cooperatives in Western Kenya had no income in the past.

In the past two years this has changed. We started at that time with some soap making … Now, they have implemented some micro enterprises and demonstrated during my visit very proudly their achievements.
Isn’t that great?

Bead making, tailoring, string making and dying … more than 200 women are involved.


The first shops have opened.

The farmer women tailoring shop in town

There is hope now. And a lot of creativity and willingness to continue. After an incredibly emotional driven welcome, the visit at our parents center, the demonstration of all the new micro enterprises and speeches by the cooperative leaders and the secretary of government we had some interesting discussions on how to improve also the harvest. While we had implemented also a lot of farming trainings and the Skills have definitely improved a lot, the question is now: Why not starting some processing instead of selling the harvest at a very low price only?

Who knows if this new seed of thinking will also grow…

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