Quinn wins: From a marginalized life to a caretaker

Quinn cares about elderly abandoned women

Quinn has a brother and a sister, all living with the condition of albinism. She is 45 years old, single mother and lives together with her child and sister in a rural village close to Webuye.

“Life has been very hard for us. As children no one wanted to play with us. Never anybody from the neighborhood visited us. They run away when they saw us. They said we would bring bad luck. Or they insulted us. They did not share anything. We always have lived in a very poor surrounding. But with MMH our life has changed now…”, she says.

Quinn and her family lived in a very small hut with a water lacking roof. Poor hygiene conditions, broken windows, just one, old bed. “We had no money at all. The did not give us jobs. Often we had nothing to eat.”

Today, the house I’m visiting is very clean. It is still a very simple house with a few furnitures only. A sofa, a table, some chairs. But there are no bad smells, no bedbugs any more. Quinn and her sister run now a small kitchen garden, and they grow chicken. Still they have no rich food, but the eggs, the vegetables and small things they can buy now make their life much easier.

But that’s just one of the many tasks they do now. In the afternoon often neighbors pass by for a visit or for getting some recommendations – on health and hygiene- related issues. Quinn and her sister get invited and participate actively in the societal life.

“Since The Making More Health – GAASPP Initiative has started and reached out to us our life has changed. We are a group of ten volunteers who right from the beginning have helped to set up the center, we join every training – on health, on business skills, on hygiene and soap making. We produce huge quantities of soap and have started to reach out regularly to people in need in our communities. We have started to train others on cleanliness, but also chicken keeping and have started to come to the MMH house that was set up only 20 months ago. We are so proud of being MMH ourselves.” Indeed, all volunteers have printed MMH -GAASP in huge letters on their clothes. They have put together money and bought a second hand machine to do so.

They train neighbors and teachers on albinism , but also ob chicken and rabbit keeping. They have reached out even to 5 neighbor counties.

Chicken and rabbit keeping
Kitchen Garten

More people with albinism who are trained are now waiting to become also officially MMH volunteers. Because being a person with albinism might also mean now to be seen as a heroe of the communities.

Quinn has become a caretaker of elderly people and studies at the MMH house

Quinn cares about elderly

Quinn visits regularly elderly people in the community who have been left alone by their children. Like Filp, 96 years old. She helps with the personal hygiene, cleans the house, brings soap and makes sure they get food from GAASPP.

Just watch here what happens

Quinn and her sister

Quinn has many dreams now what to do with her life and what she wants to achieve. One of these dreams would be to travel to other countries. “There is so much I did not know. So much to discover. and so much to do!”

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