When 700 people run an unforgettable day for you…

Today, I visited our school in Webuye, Western Kenya. Nearly two years have passed since I had been here and we had decided to abolish the old, dangerous and extremely poor school building and to build a school that allows a real teaching – with teachers rooms, toilets and classrooms where two classes can be educated in parallel without disturbing…

Our MMH school

The welcome was overwhelming. Just entering more than 700 students were singing, dancing and the joy they spread was one of the most emotional moments I lived in my life.

Students from different classes had prepared demonstrations of poems, plays and songs

I had to plant a tree at the entrance and got two very nice wooden necklaces. After having had a tour through the buildings, accompanied by singing children, all classes had prepared poems, special songs, theatre plays. The teachers and parents had prepared speeches. And even during the lunch the women continued to dance.

During the construction phase some parents were actively involved.

“Having a school now for our children that can compete with the schools of the wealthier people makes a huge difference. We have hope now. Hope that our children can make it”, one of the mothers told me.

The journey will continue

The next steps? We need to construct three more classrooms. And a huge dining hall and kitchen will be built, too.

Also the government has engaged a lot and added to our two buildings two nice classrooms for the youngest children and promised to buy more land so that we can add in future some playground and also some smaller facilities where children can discover their talents. The school has become a model to others. And the parents have promised to add whatever effort they can to prepare their children in the best way.

They wanted to thank so much to MMH. They had collected – together with the teachers – whatever was possible:

My “gift”

I left with more than 100 bananas, my own kuku (chicken) , plenty of Ugali powder, two melons and big pieces of cassava … Asante sana, St Kibisi school! Thanks to all teachers, students, government representatives, Ngo leaders who helped to make this possible – and, of course, the parents!

You have made this day an unforgettable one to me.

Ps: My kuku will find a nice place among other kukus in the MMH house and tomorrow we will visit our people with albinism. They will definitely enjoy some cassava and bananas…

At Kibisi Primary school – the MMH school

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