When marginalized people become teachers….so proud of our people with albinism community!

A woman with albinism teaching

It’s joy and total happiness in the community in our Making More Health house where our people with Albinism take lead and teach other community groups on how to enhance hygiene and sanitation in their homes.

Two years back most of them lived in very poor surroundings, felt threatened and had only a few opportunities to be part of a community. Victims of superstition, but also the lack of knowledge – regarding skin and eye care, as well as of many other health and hygiene skills- were widely spread.

“We have now taken this step to help improve our people’s livelihoods by empowering them on how to make liquid soap, make baskets, and on how to make disinfectants for sale to earn money. They have participated in many health training sessions and now are able to share their knowledge on a healthier life. Hygiene practices help to prevent illness and diseases in the community,” says Chris, our local NGO partner.

The impact of our Making More Health community

Soap making training – to make sure that even marginalized people have access to it

A few days back, our volunteers from the people with albinism community have travelled to a place, 200 km away, to share their knowledge in a full day training with other communities who had heard about the MMH house and its training offer.

Unbelievably, more than 150 people from 10 groups, got interested and fully engaged in this training exercise. After some basic hygiene and soap making training sessions they were also taught on how to keep mosquitoes away and prevent malaria and all were given Artemisia seedlings.

Artemisia seedlings to prevent malaria

“It’s now a story that we have to remember. People who couldn’t be recognised by our people are now on the front teaching community people on how to survive during this hardship times of covid.19”, adds Chrisantus.

Isn’t that what we all should go for when we talk about developing people? Empowering people to empower themselves.

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