How jeans can help to grow plants in slum areas

Jeans are more than just a piece of trousers. Filled with soil and seeds it becomes an organic container to produce healthy vegetables. But it’s also many other containers that find a second way of usage while serving to grow plants. Find out more on this topic and how – in very frugal ways – also automatic irrigation has been realized:


VICCO founder explains how to do urban farming with capillary irrigation

At V.I.C.C.O. There are a lot of activities ongoing.

The day child center, the porridge cooking and distribution, hygiene training sessions for girls and boys … and a place to stay together, to read, to learn and to have fun.

At the day care center in Mukuru slums

However, providing enough and healthy food still remains a big issue. That’s why urban farming plays an important role and helps to provide better and there more vitamins and some additional healthy food.

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