Our MMH school is getting more classrooms – desk making by our people with albinism

Timber arrival on Webuye

The second building phase of our Making More Health school is coming to an end.

In 2020, we have started to constructed the Making More Health school with first three classrooms, the teachers room and the first washing rooms. In addition, we have set up a huge tent in May 2021 to host all students during the building phase.

In less than a month we will be able to inaugurate three more classrooms and toilets as well as a good and hygienic food preparation and distribution space.

Like for the first classrooms also this time our volunteers at the MMH house in Webuye, mainly our people with albinism community construct the school desks

Some of our people at the MMH center are experts in building desks. Now they have started with a lot of energy to build the first desks. The MmH school with the new classrooms will re-open in October. And ideally, most of the new classrooms will then have also the desks and chairs to welcome the children.

Desk making has started

At the MMH school, in total we will offer space to more than 800 students. The whole building phase will take three years, wherefore two years have been already finalized.

In former times the students and teachers stayed in a very old and badly constructed building set up by the students‘ parents „handmade“ that also – especially in the rainy season – became also very dangerous due to the risk of structural damage. There were no toilets or hygienic food preparation places. Many students were also forced to learn outside in the field, even in the rainy season.

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