KEnDIA, Kenya and Care for children

A huge recognition by my young friends from the children center in Mukuru Slums in Nairobi

With KEnDIA, my not profit oriented online shop, I support a small center for children in Mukuru slums in Nairobi. The children center and library is more of a larger tin hut, but there is protection (at the moment the temperatures in Nairobi are 10-15 degrees in the morning, rainy season) and there is a small meal for everyone. The children living in the slums come here to read, play and learn.

When I asked about the nice KEnDIA logo painting they told me:

“Yes we docorated nicely to make it appear beautiful . It’s a gift from me and the entire vicco team. the countinued support from you it’s overwhelming. “

… and I just want to thank all of you who might have bought some items at KEnDIA. Without that many small contributions and support I could offer so far would not have been possible!

Unfortunately, there are always power outages. Last week for 5 days. Then they learn by candlelight. Unfortunately, there is not enough money to set up a generator, for example. There is also a lack of benches and other furnitures.

Learning with candle light

The older ones like to paint and draw. In my not profit oriented online shop KEnDia you can also buy some greeting cards and bracelets for children that the teenagers have made themselves.

The teenagers love paintings and produce nice greeting cards

If you want to help, just have a look at KEnDIA. You will find the greetings cards and bracelets there, but also a lot of other nice things, such as cushion covers and bags from my Indian and Kenyan selfhelp groups or the children bags.

I just heard that we need to buy porridge that we offer every morning to the children. And an additional bench is needed…

Maybe you find a nice gift at KEnDIA. Our you could help through some donation. Just send a short message.

Some KEnDIA articles produced by women selfhelp groups

This would help a lot. To continue to support the children center in Mukuru slums and the women in the selfhelp groups. You can help also while sharing the info with your friends. Thanks!

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