Where little money makes a big difference

On the way back to school

When people are poor many things are not accessible. We often think of lack of food and clothes, missing hygiene and basic household items. But poverty means also denying access to education. Especially for children this is decisive on how life will develop.

Children with albinism in Africa are often among the poorest communities. Paying the school fees is nearly impossible to most of them – and missing glasses, superstition and ignorance make it even more difficult.

A few days back I have heard from our communities in Webuye that there were some cases where parents could not pay the school fees and some children with albinism had been escluded from school visits.

With less than 100 EUR, some donation that resulted from selling a few local items through the KenDia shop (fair & Care, all profit goes back) , these cases could be solved.

As our local social worker said: “Thanks to the donation we could pay the missing school fees for the upcoming year. Now these children have been admitted to school again. We could also provide some liquid soap made in our albinism community to those schools and to the children in school. What a great effort and now I can smile a bit when I see them in schools… The children and parents are very happy. Because education means so much …“

Just imagine we could help all children in the world to get a good school education. How much difference it could make in the world!

Maybe you find also a gift or a nice item on http://www.KEnDIA.de thus supporting activities as described above. KenDia is not a Shop to make profit, but all profit goes back to my social projects with children in Nairobi’s slums, Selfhelp groups of women in India and Kenya and the work with people with albinism.

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