A new kitchen and nutrious cooking teaching for our people with albinism in Webuye!

After the training sessions it has become a tradition to have some food together, to stay and discuss – and to enjoy!

It is amazing to see what has happened in the past two years since we have put the first stones for building our Making More Health house in Webuye. A house that has become a special place for our people with albinism. It’s here where people from marginalized background now are proud of what they do, and where they have gained so much self- confidence to share their knowledge and skills even with others. Where the willingness to grow is enormous. Where a lot of trainings on health, animal health and basic business skills have made a huge difference. And most of all: where a real community spirit among them is making a huge difference.

The new kitchen at the MMH house

Recently, also the MMH kitchen has been established. It is not just used to prepare some food for all volunteers who care about the planting of Artemisia, work as joiners or in our soap production room in our MMH center, but it is a place to learn also about healthy food and nutrition.

Learning to prepare some good food

It’s about sharing knowledge on vitamins and proteins, about the right way to cook, about hygiene and cooking any about enjoying food together.

It is another puzzle piece in the whole set up that we do together with our local partners as GAASP NGO, teachers, nurses and many more.

And it for sure an important one. Don’t you think so?

If you want to support them, too, have a look here, you can see how here: https://paypal.me/pools/c/8lytfzZm8b

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