A goat that matters – a gift that cares

Our community – happy about a ‘meaningful’ gift

Recently, when a colleague left the company my colleagues handed over a very special gift – not to her personally, but dedicated to her: a goat for our community with people with albinism in Webuye.

The excitement in our local community was very big. It was the first goat among some chicken that will help to secure a better nutrition. within a few hours also a goat shelter was built.

The goat shelter

“From the money donated we could buy a mother goat and a smaller one as well as two chicken. This will provide several liters of milk the week Tag we can use to raise the nutritional level of food, especially for our children,” says Chris, our local social worker. “In honor to your colleague we have prepared even a name tag. So this goat will have her name.”

Looking for a meaningful gift? – You can help, too!

If you want to do a gift to someone who has nearly everything, it might be a good idea to follow this example. Many people in the communities in Kenya and India who we work with are struggling with food at the moment.

Caring about some chicken, goats or a cow does not only help, but makes them also proud and gives them hope that things in the crises could get slowly better.

If you are interested, just drop a short note to gokenyagofuture@googlemail.com.

Social shopping. – shopping with ❤️

If you look for some other options, have a look at http://www.KEnDIA.de. This is social shopping where you can buy locally made products by our self-help groups in India and Kenya. Fair & Care! All profit goes back to the communities and helps to buy seeds, to pay school fees and food, to empower women and families to become independent.

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