A special day for children who live in Nairobi’s slums – a day full of fun and joy

The children live in Nairobi’s Slum. Their life has become even more difficult in the past months – due to the pandemic and the consequences. Their parents have often no jobs any more, food is very limited, lockdowns have led some children leave school for ever. Violence, poverty and children abuse and child work have grown.

With some private donations from friends and family we support VICCO, a small NGO in the slums who has set up a very simple day care for children where the children get at least a cup of porridge a day, can meet and play. (in my Blog you can find more articles on that if you just search for VICCO).

But it is not just food and some shelter these children need. If they never see how „nice“ life can be, if they never can just enjoy how can they get some better vision for their own future?

A day at Lego kids

Therefore, today some children got the opportunity to spend a very particular day at Legoland in Nairobi, an excursion that normally only children from wealthy families can do.

“There is one company by the name Lego kids. They have kids palace in the lLavington mall in Nairobi, a very nice place for kids to play and get exposure out of slums. They have asked me to take 15 children from Day Care Center on Tuesday to explore…
But the transport and some snacks for the children during the day is the big challenge am having . Am very happy for this opportunity Taking kids to explore more and interact with other kids from privileged family….”, explained Shakur, one of VICCO’s social workers.

With a small donation and some money gained while selling some local products from my social online shop ( not profit oriented) I’m happy that I could help with food and transport.

This will be a day that will make a difference for these kids.

As Shakur said:”Today was a real fun day for the children and they were very happy and relaxed. A day how children should live it. I am so grateful that you made it happen .”

Well, I’m grateful to all my friends who help with donations and for those who buy some items at the KEnDIA shop. And thanks to the Lego company for offering this possibility!

If you want to support communities in need in India and Kenya, have a look at http://www.KEnDIA.de. There you will find locally made prices from people in directly working with. Fair & Care. All profit goes back to the communities I’m working with in these two locations.

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