Based on the co-creation with Kersia our impact grows – the winners are our community members.

A partner visit at our Making More Health house

In the last days Agustin from the Kersia group visited our Making More Health house in Bungoma County where he launched a hygiene and water project for ten schools in the surrounding. These activities are run by Kersia and will complete our Making More Health activities. This will be a very fruitful co-creation and partnership that will help our communities to have better access to clean water and to learn and share best practices on hygiene also at schools.

We are very happy that we co-create and achieve our goals together with local NGOs, social enterprises, universities and other big companies. Because this means that we can offer more and more sustainable solutions to the people who live close to the poverty line.

“If we want to change the system we need to connect and to put together our efforts“, says Manuela Pastore, Global Head of Making More Health Community Activation at Boehringer Ingelheim. The challenges people close to the poverty line live every day are manifold and influence each other. There is no health without wealth. There is no good education and change possible if the basic infrastructure is missing. Without having access to soap and clean water the best training on hygiene is not useful. Therefore, we need to respond to holistic challenges also in a holistic way where those who can help need to network and engage together.”

In this video learn more on what happened and what people from different backgrounds and Agustin himself say about these activities.

If you are interested to co-create with us, too – in Bungoma county, Kenya or in our tribal project area around Coimbatore, India – please contact.

Many thanks, Kersia! Many thanks, Agustin for trusting in us and the engagement you offer! and many thanks to our local people who support us day by day to make these things happen.

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