When students learn from people living close to the poverty line – field visits during our Venture4change program in Kenya

Developing social entrepreneurial ideas for food safety and food security – this is the task in this year‘s Making More Health Venture4change program for students in Western Kenya.

On Friday last week 50 students from three universities (Eldoret university, Moi university and Kibabii university) – after first theoretical sessions- learned directly from the ground while meeting and talking to people who suffer because of too less food, malnourishment, food that is not safe and all the reasons behind.

This learning and exchange is essential. Because reading and talking about it is just one site of the whole situation. It is important to understand the why and even the why of the why. Often there are circumstances that one can only understand when being there, when really understanding the situation. “It is the whole system, not just a certain lack of items or missing knowledge. It is not just accessibility or awareness. A sustainable solution needs a good understanding of the whole system – and to develop solutions with the people, not for them,” says Manuela (Global lead of Making More Health Community activation).

A first amazing outcome

“We had also debriefing sessions after the field visits. The students were very excited with the whole process and the university faculty members expressed a lot of enthusiasm and support. The three universities decided to start networking on community engagement and promised to support these initiatives. They are really grateful to the V4C initiative by MMH…,”explains Cleophas, pur local NGO partner in Eldoret. Isn’t this amazing?

Now it’s the turn of the students to develop manageable and sustainable, maybe also disruptive ideas on food safety and food security. In September we will know more…

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