A huge celebration during world albinism day in our MMH house on Webuye

As of today, more than 200 people with albinism have joined our program in Western Kenya and are part of our Win- Win program. Many of them have come to Webuye today to celebrate together World Albinism Day.

What a great thing!

“It was a lot of experience sharing today. The community shared and discussed on the previous challenges all our people with albinism had and how MMH house has helped to overcome these challenges,“ says Chrisantus, our local NGO partner. “It was full of joy all appreciating what MMH house and the many MMH programs on health and income generation have done to their lives.”

Today 3 new people came and now we have 201 people with Albinism. They took breakfast, lunch, soda, and were all given a pack of food stuffs, soap for hygiene, sanitary towels to the women, and transport back home.

Recently, many of them have started to participate in our employee engagement program GOBIZ, a basic business skills program to help them to get a better understanding on business.

Many of the people with albinism have not just gained a lot of knowledge on how to care for themselves over the last year, but also gained self confidence and hope that they can change bad conditions into better life. Some of them have started to take over leadership roles in the community, some have launched small micro enterprises.

Special – in all ways

In attendance were media people, 5 Tv stations, and 4 radio stations who highlighted the event. Such kind of coming together and celebrating of people with albinism has never taken place before in Western Kenya.

But there is still another, even more important impact behind all that: it’s all this support and transformation of humanity to enhance sustainable livelihood. It’s about happiness. It’s about so much more. We are winning all! Dignity, more justice, and meaningfulness …

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  1. Francis Dagala says:

    This amazing work


  2. Francis Dagala says:

    This amazing work


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