Our school buildings in rural Kenya are on the way

In the 2nd phase of our MMH school project, St. Kibisu school close to Webuye, Kenya, three additional 3 classrooms and pit latrines have already been added this year.

We are thankful also to the local contractor as he helps to make this school a very special one- not just through the way or quality of the buildings, but also be supporting the suicidal cause behind.

The contractor engaged also patents and help them to support the families

“He engages all the local people who are needy and are parents of this school – wherever it is possible and safe – instead of engaging people who already have a steady income. We intervened and requested him to consider the parents who may be requesting for work so that when they have had an opportunity to help with the school buildings and are paid they can go home and buy some food for their children. All genders have been included.”

The community has therefore now not just access to a new and safe school for the children, but also feel that they have actively contributed. and this makes a big difference!

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