Running a business without business skills is not possible but who teaches it to the people at the poverty line?

What might seem to be that obvious for people with a full school education, is very often not to people who live close to the poverty line. Business terminology such as differences between turnover and profit, business planning and business models, simple accountancy … but isn’t that essential if the gap between rich and poor should get smaller instead of getting bigger every day?

“We have just concluded our wonderful session GoBiz training session 1. It was a very great presentation done and it was appreciated very much by the participants,” said Chris, our local NGO partner.

That’s what a participant from our community of people with albinism said – watch the video

A woman explains how important the GoBiz training is to her

The eight planned training sessions are run by eight employees, one training module by one employee. The number of trainees is also limited – to make sure that there is enough room for a better understanding of the needs and individual questions. Trainers and trainers form an own training group – and besides talking and learning about business they also build relationships on a personal level and learn about different topics. On both sites- also for the trainers it is often a very disruptive experience.

Another testimonial video

The interest is high – more training set ups are planned

Before this first business training had started in Webuye in our MMH house, the interest and the curiosity on both sites to run and participate in such a training has been very high. More than 120 community members already approached and asked for a similar training opportunity. So, the second training group has already been formed and will start soon – this time with small holder farmers.

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