World Malaria Day in Webuye: making a difference to our communities

Preparing an infusion with Artemisia

A few days back in our MMH community center in Webuye, Kenya we celebrated World Malaria Day.

“In 2019, the Kenya national malaria incidence was reported at 125.92 cases per thousand population. In counties that make up the Lake Endemic Region in western Kenya, however, the incidences reported were significantly higher than the national average. Bungoma and Vihiga counties reported more than 200 cases per thousand population each.” (Source: the Palladiumgroup)

“While inviting our community we joined other people globally in celebrating World Malaria day. During the day at our MMH center our people were trained on how to prepare Artemisia tea,”says Chrisantus, our local NGO support.

It was indeed a very special day, we joined the world to help curb Malaria. This region of Western Kenya and Nyanza are prone to Malaria, most of our people suffer from Malaria and accessing health facilities is a problem. We want their homes to be free from mosquitoes.

When Artemisia is planted in the compound it repels mosquitoes and when taken as tea after processing it enhances the human immune system. The number of mosquitoes bites is reduced as the skin pores release a smell to expel the mosquitoes. This reduces the the household’s medical cost.

What a great day!

“In addition, we launched an Artemisia garden and now more than 3000 households will benefit. We had an experienced Artemisia trainer in our Making More Health center. We give 3000 seedlings to our people, so that in all households people can care about themselves” adds Chrisantus.

Also the provincial administration, a bank manager, pastors and teachers attended. News to our 6 local stations of T.V and radio highlighted the occasion.

What a great day!

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