A small engagement with huge impact

VICCO is not one of our main communities I work with under the Making More Health Initiative.

However, where it is possible we share materials on safety, health and hygiene. With some private donations we helped to provide some food and to build a children care center ( very basic) in Mukuru slums. Some hygiene games and some pencils, some books and some chairs. That’s all. Mostly the contribution costed my time, not money. Not even a lot. But it makes a difference.

African children in Mukuru slums did a mosaic and sent me a picture. They have made my day. Because also small things can make a huge difference. Thanks, children! Thanks to all who helped!

If you want to help, too, please donate

at https://paypal.me/pools/c/8pKpKiCiP0

and read more about the Activities some friends and myself do for VICCO.

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