A tree of hope in Nairobi‘s slums

The tree of hope

In Mukuru Slum, Nairobi art boys have done a mosaics tree where community members join regularly alone to leave messages or in groups to discuss issues of Health and other issues that are emerging from the community.

And the issues are a lot. Besides having heavy rains and floods, the lack of food and jobs and also mental health issues are growing rapidly. Even among the youngest…

The situation for many people is quite difficult.

Here are the news about the rains – have a look at what is happening: https://youtu.be/8vnQWJZE79M

However, there are also some good news.

Let me share two good news:

The first one comes from Francis, who helps young people in the slums to gain self confidence and works on Videos and theatre plays with them:

Congratulations Winnie and Rosie for extraordinary studies and a fantastic exam!!!

“KCPE examination has just been released. And our beneficiaries from Happy Angels primary school have triumphed a even having gone through the school closure due to the pandemic as well as the normal slum challenges and hardships. The girl next to the guy in glasses emerged the first in this school located at the heart of the slum. Her name is Winnie. She scored 364 marks out of the possible 500. And now has qualified to join National School for her secondary school education. The second one next emerged position two in the school with 358 marks. Her name is Rose. Rose is a total orphan and lives with her Aunt who is unemployed. We are hoping to reach out to well wishers to secure support for them to join Secondary school.”

The second example takes me back to the tree of hope:

This tree is a place of positive thinking

My friends from VICCO community are doing a lot to help especially children and youth – with food, but also hygiene teaching and activities.

With this tree of hope they have created a place now of hope. Young people put there positive messages on the mosaics thus encouraging each other. They write about the negative influence of drugs and what they experienced, how they stopped. They share Information about healthy life style, love message etc..

This tree brings youths and community at large together. It’s a place of coming together, finding a little bit of rest – and hope. For a better tomorrow. Hope For some more food. For the possibility to go to school and find a job later.

We can make a change happen. You can make a change happen.

If you can, please help. http://paypal.me/pools/c/8pKpKiCiP0

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  1. Francis Dagala says:

    Amazing work

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