A trainings day at our MMH house in Kenya

People with albinism and parents participate regularly in our training sessions

While in 2020 the MMH center was set up, the buildings were constructed and first training sessions on health took place, now the activities have grown – in numbers and topics. Many people join for the training sessions, even living in neighborhood counties.

Training sessions on health topics and safety, special care for people with albinism, but also income generation and animal health take place regularly now in our Making More Health house in Webuye, Western Kenya.

Get some insights what happens during the trainings

We prepared information leaflets on safety issues, care for albinism and on measurements that all can take against Covid-19

“We gathered in the outer space and we had a lot of participants today. And there was a lot on our agenda: we trained on safety, repeated the measurements that can be taken against Covid – 19 and informed our people with albinism and parents about protective skin and eye care. People liked a lot the new MMH flyers on these topics. Later on we distributed the women health packages which we received from our friends from the WaWA NGO in Homabay. As you have supported the women there to produce and prepare these women kits many were already waiting to get them. They contained washable menstruation pads and two panties per women. This was also highly appreciated. Many women have no access to pads and the economic situation does not allow to buy any panty to most of them. At the moment the situation is even more serious everywhere than before. Many suffer from hunger.

Women receiving a women health kit anf food provision …

We also launched officially our new educational courses on hairdressing and beauty therapy, carpentry and computer training. At the end we distributed also some food packages. Thanks for all this support,” said Chrisantus, our local NGO partner from GAASPP.

…and also men got basic food items

It is really amazing how things are developing if we just put our efforts together. Across all borders and while involving so many different stakeholders. With the vision to empower people to empower themselves. While encouraging women AND men. While combining activities that tackle health issues, but also bring in opportunities for the people when it comes to income generation, infrastructural needs and general education.

Soon we will grow also our employee engagement program, start a train the trainer program with some social entrepreneurs out of our network and initiate the farming of artemisia… just watch out to the upcoming news!

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