Do you know what this is?


That‘s a roof of one of the rooms hosting three families with a total of 12 members in Mukuru slums in Nairobi.

There is a huge problem of unemployment, hunger and idleness in the slums. With the Covid crises things have worsened a lot.

“Most people are unable to pay the monthly rent of such houses here (25 euros). Through our ongoing program I am encouraging neighbours to be of help to each other. They now get to one room and share the costs for rent and food. In some streets, some have even been cooking together to ensure that at least each gets a meal a day.

If this model that I am calling ANGAZA FRIENDS OF HUMANITY program is embraced, we will be able to craft a solution from within the community marking the first step towards fighting hunger and ensuring healthy living both in terms of unity, peace and togetherness, explains Francis, leading a social enterprise in Mukuru slums and having grown up in Mukuru slums himself.

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