Our Making More Health Center in Webuye, Kenya is growing

A second training room to raise the income generation for people living close to the poverty line. Because there is no health without ’wealth’.

The construction works in our Making More Health Center in Webuye are going on.

Only a few months have passend since we inaugurated the first buildings, a training hall for health and hygiene sessions and a production room for e.g. soap.

We have started to run a lot of different training sessions for the communities, especially the community with people with albinism, but also other interested people living around.

In the meantime the center has attracted a lot of people and has become also a safe meeting opportunity for marginalized people.

Now, the next steps have been taken.

A guardian house at the entry

In addition to a security house close to the entry gate also a new hall for income generating trainings, and a shade for carpentry has been set up.

In the new training hall now also hairdressing and other income generating training sessions can take place.

Income generation training room

You want to see how the shade and all together looks at the moment?

Our MMH campus

Watch the video: ( https://youtu.be/ynlBGQYYYtc )

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