Women health kits are on the road

The women kit
The women kit

Some weeks ago we ran a webinar where we shared information about our local projects on women health. Our local NGO partners and social entrepreneurs explained how the situation is getting even more difficult for women as the accessibility to hygiene pads for many of them is not given (any more). The situation has always been difficult. Not just because of lack of money, but also because of superstition, lack of knowledge and taboos. However, now with an even bigger lack of job opportunities due to Covid 19, raising prices and lockdowns it has become impossible for many women at the poverty to handle the bleeding in healthy ways.

Thanks for the donations

To empower 300 women in our communities we collected also private donations from the webinar participants and doubled the amount. With nearly 1800 EUR then we prepared 300 women health kits which will be distributed in Homabay among the fisher women, our women with albinism in Webuye and girls and women in Langas Slum in Eldoret where we collaborate with Solasa.

Women, organized in a self-help group in Homabay produced 600 washable menstruation pads. This created an addition income for them.

In the women kits we added – besides the washable pads – also two panties each, bar soaps, masks and bags.

The women kits are on the road

This week the kits are ready and will be transported to the different locations and distributed. Many thanks to all of you who helped to make this happen!

And special thanks to our local partner Cavin Odera from WaWa NGO and our driver Francis for having made this possible!

Cavin and Francis preparing the transport

If you want to help further, please check here or click at https://paypal.me/pools/c/8w0WhTcFlu

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