Back to school in Kenya – or better staying at home?

Last Monday schools in Kenya re-opened. All children had to go back to school. Probably a good and not too difficult thing to do for all children from wealthier families but not so for children of the poor…

The big challenge of payments

Going to school means paying school fees, books, uniform. But how should parents from the slums pay that if they often do not have any informal work any more? If there is simply no money? If there is not even enough money for food?

As one of our community partners living himself in the slums wrote:“

I wonder, is it really a “Good Morning” to the millions of parents, guardians and learners? How about those like myself and thousands at low income areas that slept without a meal, can’t afford to buy uniform, pens, books let alone means to take their own back to school? The government through the ministry of Education has done little to help us on this line. yet you’ll hear it being insisted that “All learners MUST go back to school!”

It has been tough for most of us around the globe, closer home, many lost their jobs as a result of the pandemic. Life has been just a survival, always hoping to see the next day. Some learners got lost in the world of looking for means of survival including working on child labour as well becoming beggars.“

Reopening our MMH school

Our MMH school

Also our MMH school in Webuye, Western Kenya has reopened. We had really-built three classrooms and teachers‘ room last year as the old building was in very bad conditions and much too small. Also this year we will add more class rooms.

The school is one of many schools in the surroundings that are also going to break down.

This is how many schools in Western Kenya look

This Monday more than 200 additional students asked to join our MMH school. Because their schools had been shut down because of concrete danger to crash. the situation is bad. The MMH school hosts already more than 800 students… and many of the students learn outside…

The need is high

The situation is critical. The number of young people is enormous. And the call for helping more is coming also from our communities and people with albinism who suffer a lot because there is no income any more:

„…most of our needy people with Albinism who have children in school are on my neck, daily coming here requesting for support of fees, and others for scholastic materials, school uniforms, school bags, school shopping etc., Some elderly people are also staying with orphans who are also in dare need. Last year we paid school levies, and did school shopping for a number of our needy children. Kindly requesting for anything to be able to support them…“, says our local NGO partner.

How will the future for thousands of young people look?

It’s just two local descriptions. The overall situation is very bad. In Kenya, but also India and in many other parts of the world.

I just wonder if we, if many of us should not do more and help. because a Win for them will be a win for us, too. Now and in the future.

If you are interested to help our students and parents in Kenya, please donate here:

Thank you.

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