Because the last day of this year could become the starting point of a better 2021 – for you and children in need!

I know – it was not an easy year for you, for us. Lockdowns, no holidays outside the country, stress for parents, isolation. And now in the last day of the year even parties with friends and fireworks are not possible.

But have you ever thought of those who live in very poor surroundings? Those we heard of shortly maybe in TV? I mean not just got it as one of 1000s of news, just heard it, registered, and then jumped to the next news?

Have you ever reflected a little bit on how their daily life looks? On how they must feel? What it means – day by day? All those people in India, in Kenya and many other parts of the world living in slum areas where most people have lost informal jobs, where the most essential things are missing, where food gets rare and violence and drugs are getting more – and where the WHO expects that million of people will be affected even more in the next months? Where soap is not affordable and then … bread isn’t neither?

Or do you prefer to close your eyes, to just „delete“ these news and to think more about your own issues and the fact that life this year looks a little different? Well, then stop reading here. It’s ok.

The 2021 challenge – be part of it!

But if you continue then please be open to listen. It’s not the virus that will change our world and our habits – longterm wise. It’s just people like you. People who might look beyond their own borders and personally feel that many things we do could be done differently. People with good ambitions believing that together we can DO more to make the world a better one and not just to talk about it. In the past crises over decades always people believed things would change. More sustainable behavior, more inclusion, more justice… but it did not work out. The world has never been more unequal than today (while having all opportunities to change).

At the end it’s everyone of us, in our personal setup, to decide how we work and live in future and for what, how and if we share, what we belief in. And if we once in lifetime really engage – here’s your chance. I need your help! Because it cannot be that the children get lost, that they die from hunger and drugs, that there is no hope at all…

I need a group of people who donate 10 EUR or more per month for one year – a group of 80 children under the umbrella of VICCO, an NGO I privately engage with. To care for these children, to make sure they have enough to eat, they have guidance and fun together while meeting regularly for soccer games, drawing and playing, for being able to escape from domestic violence and to avoid drugs… are you ready to invest?

Here‘s in short the story, the news I got today from :

“Hallo Manuela I would like to update you on the following. we managed to record and mobilise children that go to the nearby shopping centers to borrow food. The situation is terrible. The children also start abusing drugs at tender age. As I shared in the past emails with you I invite them regularly for staying together and interact with them. We play together and talk a lot. We do our urban farming activities. And I inform them about the dangers involved of drugs and the effects on their Health. We managed to mobilise 80 children aged from 8yrs to 16 yrs, both boys and girls. Where we eat together while we are taking case histories.. . Many of the children drop from school to the street because of Domestic violence at house hold level. That are contributed in poor/bad parental skills. Use of drugs abuse e.g illicit brew. See the pictures attached. . They will be coming at Vicco Office for the library and farming activities. Here I need als books, pens, materials… We do our best. We try to keep them busy and active in gainingfull activities for their health, we want to see them becoming people with hope… can you help?”

And that’s my question: can you help me to help?

To make sure that these 80 children get enough to eat? Get enough clothes? Can learn some basics to be able to manage a life?

Here you can help:

Feel free to contact me (for more information or a direct contact to VICCO).

If you want to donate directly you can do via PayPal:

This is a PayPal money pool where I collect money to transfer regularly to VICCO.

Alternatively, you can have a look also at KenDia, my private “non profit online shop” where I sell nice items made by poor people in India and Kenya:

Here you help poor women to earn enough to care for their families.

Thank you!!!

… and have a great start in 2021 and a healthy good new year!

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