When porridge brings a smile to you – thanks for your donation!

Last week our first donation money reached VICCO, a NGO in the slums of Nairobi that cares for children and youth, but also elderly. The need for food, but also safety, a cleaner environment and mental health is high. VICCO has started programs such as libraries, urban farming, drawing sessions and soccer games in the slums.

That’s what VICCO reports so far:

“I would like to update you on the Ujinafom initiative that we started is doing well. The children and old people / the most neediest people that are in extreme poverty – are coming in number to take highly nutritious porridge as they start a day with a smile.. through your support we have managed to feed 367 both children and and aged people with porrigde that is healthy to them. Health is a priority at all time. The energy and smile from the affected person from the previous 🔥 insident is overwhelming here in Vicco office. Taking to other and letting them read books in the library is adding health in there brain 🧠 …”

If you want to help, too and get directly regular updates and pictures on what is happening here at the blog site please donate here:


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