When good things start to spread outside our own networks and affects other communities … then impact starts

Children learning about health and safety

The NGO V.I.C.C.O in Mukuru slums is one of the NGOs that stays in the neighborhood of one of our official partner organizations and while knowing about the activities they started to connect. This is fantastic – because together we can make even more impact happen.

Why not sharing materials to all where possible and use them to raise awareness on issues such as safety and hygiene?

This helps to make more health happen.

Recently, they have managed to brought the people from National health insurance fund to Mukuru slums to register members to a healthcare coverage that will cover the entire family for one year. “We managed to register 100 families. And formed a Savings club for health…,” explains a leader from V.I.C.C.O.

Talking about the health coverage to young parents

Health starts with awareness and education – as early as possible

In addition, they have set up a small library for children living in the slums to encourage young children and youth to read. They are looking for book donations. If you can help, let us know.

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  1. Francis Dagala says:

    Great work

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